Give Me Your Opinion, I’ll Give You a Free DVD

Loyal readers, I have a simple request for you today:

1. Name one thing you like about this blog.
2. Name one thing you dislike about this blog.

Your honest answers will help me improve the content of Martial Development. As a small token of my appreciation, I will randomly select two respondents to win free DVDs. This month’s prizes are:

Three Delivery

You’ve never seen Three Delivery—it premieres this Friday—so I’ll provide a brief introduction:

Three Delivery follows three Kung Fu fighting teens as they strive to balance studying, delivering food for Wu’s Garden Chinese restaurant, and protecting ancient Chinese secrets from the evil Kong Li.

Inspired by live-action film, graphic novels and classic cartoon comedies, Three Delivery features references to authentic Chinese phrases, celebrations, cuisine and mythology. Real Kung Fu such as crane style, tiger style, snake style, and eagle style is illustrated in the show.

Three Delivery

Three Delivery is first cartoon to come with its own Mandarin-English dictionary. Now that’s edutainment!

To be eligible for these DVD prizes, you must:

  • Send me your opinions on or before July 1, 2008
  • Live in the USA (or move here before July 1)

If you prefer to answer anonymously (though you cannot win a DVD this way), you are welcome to do so in a comment below.

Thank you to Regency Entertainment and Animation Collective for graciously providing free copies of these DVDs.

Update: I’ve fixed the images in the RSS feed, and added a sitemap link to the sidebar.  Keep your good suggestions coming.

8 comments on “Give Me Your Opinion, I’ll Give You a Free DVD”

  1. Hello, I’m Guido, from Italy. I like your blog. Very interesting.

    Name one thing you like about this blog.
    I like training tips and philosophy.

    Name one thing you dislike about this blog.

  2. Name one thing you like about this blog:

    The incredibly interesting and knowledgeable posts about subjects I know very little. As a person that wishes to take up martial arts, this blog has proved a valuable reference (and always a source of entertainment and interest.)

    I like this blog so much; a link to it now exists on my blog.

    Name one thing you dislike about this blog.

    A history of posts would make it easier to find posts from several months ago; without having to go to the categories, or hit “previous posts” until I get there.


    P.S. – The Nickelodeon show looks interesting; though I doubt it would beat the incredibly well-animated Avatar: the last Airbender.

  3. Aw shucks, I missed the deadline. In any case, I really love that you encourage debate and discussion, and you are a very powerful practitioner of debate-fu. I have to say however, that I find you have a bit of a distaste (I won’t go so far as to say prejudice, but I’ve seen that come out sometimes) towards modern martial arts, fighting, or combat oriented training. I’m sure you have your reasons (we all have our values), but I’d like to say that I wish you could accept our little branch of the MA community as well, even if you don’t like it.

  4. Not here for the dvd, but what I like about your site is…

    It stays on topic. Which is a blessing in a blog. And it’s got a very clean look without blinding me with and adfarm which I hate and think cheapen it in every possible way.

    Good balance of ads, text, photosj all staying pleasant to the eye and not overwhelming or competing. It’s really stand-out blog in many ways. I could learn a lot here.

    Best wishes with your blog!

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