Borat Learns Self-Defense

Yekshamesh! Borat says:

In Kazakhstan, the favorite hobbies are disco dancing, archery, rape, and table tennis. In America, there are many hobbies too. I find more. Jenkui.

In the following video, Borat learns:

Warning: this video is offensive and should not be viewed by anyone.

From the second season of The Ali G Show

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  1. Such a funny video clip but I am particularly interested with the very simple self defense technique shown by the martial arts expert. Whenever you or anyone is given the chance to learn martial arts and self defense techniques, grab the opportunity especially if it is free because someday you will find it useful. 😉

  2. Self defense is something we should all learn for our own protection. One of the best ways out there to learn self defense techniques is to use a home video made by a qualified instructor in your spare time. I have tried this technique and I learned a lot of this.

  3. I’m at the 7th dan of karate and I’m very impressed how Karate Danny deflect the feared Jew Claw. I have been training for years on that

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